New Tellare

The name chosen by the Suryan Council for the nation which arose from the ruins left by Vane the Mace.

Inspired by Surya, honorary Lord Protector and last full-blooded Tellaran alive, the emergent nation recaptured much of its' ancient fighting spirit as it prepared to be caught between Tarlanor's hammer and Belamir's anvil in late 1601. This threat was averted by the peace talks in Reital in November '01, but the pride and strength remained.

One of the real winners in the northern Land Grab, New Tellare expanded remorselessly over the next five years, reclaiming the ruins of the shattered northern realms of Antrol and Oret. Chaos and lawlessness was replaced by order, construction, roads and policing. Finally, the northwestern and northern borders reached the Trakar Swamps and Tarlanor, respectively, and the land grab was effectively over.

To the south, New Tellare continued to absorb chunks of the badlands north of the Desolation. Technically, these were once part of Sildor, but for the moment the Elves said nothing; they had enough to handle as things were. The southwestern tip of New Tellare finally reached Belegond, and there the freeport became a defacto buffer zone between New Tellare and Stryre.

The ruins of Kelorsal and Thallith were absorbed during the expansion process, and reconstruction work commenced. Cyrn Weithelin, home to the Cavalry Academy of New Tellare, had already spread enough to be regarded as a town rather than a simple border fort. Cyrn Sharresh, that formerly demon-haunted citadel in the mountain, became a bastion of noble virtue, home not only to a Kordic order of knights (The Brotherhood of the Mountain), but an Aderran one (Wisdom's Edge). As well as training some of the best knights in the world, Sharresh also gathered one of the biggest libraries outside Thornal, Reital and the Dark Tower.

With Leonora now Queen, a new Councillor for Rhorien was needed, and her cousin Namlup Kerr was chosen. The long-vacant position of Councillor for the Religions was filled at last, by an Aderran, Lackaj Nar.

The return of the infant Prince Cuitech as a young man in 1608 was cause for slightly uncertain celebration, but by the time Surya had disappeared in the early 1620s, he was well enough established to take control. His declaration that he and his descendants will not be Kings but Ruling Princes in 1650 went down well, and the now legendary hero Surya moved a step further into myth.

New Tellare remained neutral in the Kordasa-Tarlanor war, despite Cuitech's links to the Dark Tower.

From the early 20s New Tellare has been regularly troubled by demons appearing within its' borders. No-one quite knows why.

New Tellare was badly hit by the Elf Death, with over half the population dead in six months. Desperate consolidation retained control of the core of the country but large areas were abandoned, including the city of Kelorsal and the fortresses Cyrn Weithaelin and Cyrn Sharresh.

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