Elf Death

Magical disease unleashed by the Scorpion Queen, worse for humans than elves

The Scorpion Queen ordered a magically created disease to be used on Lomegor in 1971. This had only minimal effects on the loyalist elves, but was passed on to the Norton humans on whom its' effects were devastating. Dubbed the Elf Death in the Northlands, the plague tore through New Tellare, Enning, Minensal and the Kordasa. Magic and divine healing were ineffective and over three-quarters of the human population of the Northlands died in a couple of years. The labour pool was reduced so badly that widespread famine was added to the woes of the North. Orcs were immune to the Elf Death.

The only good thing about the Elf Death was that It was a short-lived organism.

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