City at the head of the Versate Pass, centre of trade with the Far North, later Varkar's capital, then Skufruss'

Known as a place to locate certain rare herbs, mostly poisonous.
Unusually high number of Kin (governmental center).
Has an abundance of coal; the mountains around Vorsand are rich in coal seams.
There is an important tomb here; Gozan Vraspan, greatest general of the Dragonwars.

Vorsand is 30 miles into the Versate pass.

Vorsand was the first conquest of Varkar Barduric, and where he established his home. Extensively fortified, it contained his personal palace, a huge building capable of housing the Dark Beast and his incalculable treasure.

After the Slaying, Surya, Vollun Crusher & Hildraft lived in the ruins of the palace for a while, sorting through the treasure, until Vollun's death & the onset of the Kingmaker took them to Karennal. During this time, the surviving Kin of Vorsand engaged in bloody fighting to try and sieze control of the city and palace. This lasted until the arrlval of Gozan Vraspan,who crushed all resistance and welded the survivors into a coherent whole just in time to be dragged south by the magic of the Kingmaker.

On his return, he found a Githyanki strike force led by Ruruk Swordseeker in control of the palace, and was mysteriously killed in the eusuing battle.

After that, Vorsand was not controlled by any one force, but was a contested area with Kin, dragonarmy remnants and treasure hunters roaming it and fighting each other.

This changed with the arrival of Skufruss Dragonlord, who took over in late June 1601. Using the power of his Sceptre, he gained control of the fragments of Varkar's northern empire and began rebuilding Vorsand.

It went on to become the capital of the new realm Tarlanor and the site of the Dark Tower.

When Saryn Darrath broke the Sceptre in 1656, a vengeful swarm of dragons descended on Vorsand and destroyed it. Skufruss' counterstroke engulfed the city in a deadly magical creation called the Iron Jungle, killing the few remaining inhabitants and rendering the city inaccessible and uninhabitable.

As of 2100, it remains that way.

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