Da'treal Achria Fae Mhor 1601 Fae Mhor involved in a copper scam in northern Stryre, bearer of Anvarna, killed by Animir.
Dace, Corporal Tarlanor 1655 Squad leader of the largely ornamental guards in the streets round noble townhouses in Vorsand
Daedoloth Kin 2100 Kin connected to the Cult of the Dragon
Daelandir Viridor - Coastal elven city on Viridor
Dagnar Stryre 1601 Acting Master of the Renders in Narthal, out of his depth, unaware of vampires in the city
Dagrok Stryre 1818 Town in Eastern Stryre
Dahrserai Erlyid - Uppermost tier of Erlyid nobiilty
Daira Fairhands Elf 730 Lady of Gorntar, corrupted by the Fae Mhor, entombed alive by her kin, became a banshee in death
Dakau Stryre 1608 City in Southern Stryre, near Melirkos
Dakau Castle Stryre 1608 The baronial castle in the city of Dakau
Dakhair Red Dust - Thalrath word for a warlord, leader, hero
Dakhair Ashkhari Red Dust 1600 Red Dust Nomad hero and influential leader, resembles Kobort of Tusmit very strongly
Dalaghendor Dalaghendor - Realm carved out of western Orwin by the lizardman faithful to Shuskrah, destroyed by dragons
Dalbin Erlyid 1412 Elvish city of Sildor, abandoned after the Elf Wars, Imperial 1605-1921, ruined again
Dalicorkoth Tellare 1607 Mage of the Reital Mageguild
Dalrn Colind Elf 730 High Mage of Gorntar, maker of the spell-enhancing staff borne by Kobort
Dalthalra Fae Mhor 1601 Fae Mhor demonologist, summoned demons against Kord's temple in Karennal, distracted by Hildraft, lost control, slain by her own demons
Daltin Kotessë Elf 730 Warleader of Gorntar, undead for unknown reasons after burial, original holder of Sack's Blade of the Sun
Dalton Tellare 1601 Guard in Reital castle
Dalyn Sunlance Tzallis 2100 Magistrate of Tzallis, effective ruler
Damarus Tarlanor 1655 Freelance agent and fixer in Lossal, hired the party to recover the Crystal Pyramid
Dance of the Damned Belamir - Psychic resonance left in the Desolation by the suffering of the elves during the Elf Wars
Dankeld Stryre 1601 Mercenary, working for the Duke of Cavail, fought a duel in Emrys
Dariask Baneblade Fae Mhor ? Master swordsmith around the time of the breakup of the elven race, forged Tormentor and Veldrin Sk'aal
Dark Beast Dragon 1600 One of the names qiven to Varkar Barduric
Dark Blade Tellare 1601 Tavern in Reital, meeting point for the resistance, compromised after the vampire takeover
Dark Boatmen Underdark - Diminutive, mysterious & inviolate race who control the Fallships which ply the vertical waterways linking the realms of the Underdark.
Dark Slayer Tarlanor 1655 Pub in Lossal with dreadful beer, innkeeper Aziri
Dark Tower, the Tarlanor 1602 Academy of wizardry established by Skufruss, trains some of the best arcane casters in Alair, morally dubious
Darmagan, Colonel Erlyid 1600 Stuffed shirt Erlyid cavalry officer, polymorphed into a turnip in Lantalaure
Darnivarn Tarlanor 1655 Thief in Lossal, Countess under the Kingdom of Filchers, later Guildmistress, lover of Gorfang
Darson Saemir Dwarf 1601 Dwarf mage who disenchanted the Kingmaker prior to its' breaking, receieved several pieces in payment
Daruk of Clan Vorzau Orc 730 Orc king of Gadűhvrás, rapist of Sack's mother and his blood father, haunts the ruins of Gadűhvrás as a ghost, removed the Mark from Sack
Dash Underdark - Coinage of the Underdark, plain-looking black discs, used to trade for passage with the Dark Boatmen, among other things
Dawn Concords Treaty - Pact between all the Gods
Deacon Forlin Tzallis 2100 Priest at the small Peloric temple in Tzallis
Death Hounds Planes - Monstrous hounds, bred and used by Bramandin the Mortal Hunter
Debtors' Tower Tellare 1601 The home of Reital's city watch
Delgarde Tellare 1601 Local leader of the Tellaran Resistance, working against Vane the Mace.
Delien Belamir 482 Smith studying at the House of Swords in Sildor and maker of the sword Anvarna
Delloch, Archpriest Stryre 1600 Head priest of the order of Aderra in all Alair, based in the Basilica in Narthal
Demogorgon Fiend - The dual-lived, dual-willed prince of the Abyss, master of the mysterious and king of the deviants.
Demon Fiend - The chaotic fiends inhabiting the Abyss. They are ferocity personified and will attack any creature just for the sheer fun of it—even other demons.
Denaresk Sigil 1608 Pit Fiend, on holiday in Sigil
Denor Erlyid 1601 One of the Redeemer field team's guards
Denric Forest Tellare - The forest on the border between New Tellare and the Trakar
Derran Howe Erean Mountains 1860 Hill dwarf settlement in the southeren Erean foothills
Desecrator Weapon 1608 Chaotic and unpredictable sword created by binding a marilith to a holy devastator
Desolation Belamir - The ruined land that used to be Sildor
Despana Underdark - Fae Mhor noble house, ranked 3rd, Kilsek-Despana-Noquar-Everhate-Godeep faction
Devil Planes - Fiends of a lawful evil nature, inhabitants of the Nine Hells.
Dilthal Elf 1601 Elverandil Mastersmith's son
Diruc God - Erlyid God (Valour and loyalty)
Disrel Underdark - Realm of the Underdark, desolate and uninhabited
Divulge Magical Item 2100 A Mimir construct in service to Aderra
Djasrem Djasrem - Southern barony of Stryre conquered by Red Dust nomads, now a blended nation
Djebran, Oasis Red Dust 1600 Oasis in the Red Dust where Kobort and Dakhair Ashkari met and settled their differences
Doignar God - Dwarf God (Fire and magic)
Dorain Dwarf 1600 King of Gloiran
Dorian Tarlanor 1655 Inexperienced adventurer stunned down near Oterto with an invigilator
Dorlak Tzallis 2100 Boatman enriched by surviving encounter with river pirates
Dorlas Stryre 1601 Rogue occasionally working for Coranix in Varensen
Doronond, Elvenking Elf - High King of the Elves since mythic times, caused war with Tellare 672, survived the Elf Wars. Wyrmslayer. Killed in the coup
Dorsal Enning - Capital city of Enning, and seat of Thelvian Tyrkor.
Dorsan Dalaghendor 1655 Owner of a knowledge broker business in Nasirolan
Douglas' Stryre 1601 Weaponshop in Varensen. Misogynist
Drachenfels Drachenfels 1656 Area around the Versate Pass controlled by dragons from the north, largely wasteland
Dran Trasutor Erlyid 1601 Grand Master of the Order of the Golden Fist, Pelor's principal College of Paladins
Draugus Yare Erlyid 1601 Member of the Thornal chapter of the Kyraura, blinded by fiends
Drinbauth'veldriss Ithilid 1601 Professional torturer, performing in Gengar's Blade in the Underdark
Drok God - Little-known Dwarf God of evil, shadowbrother of Kord
Drowner Fey 2100 An aquatic fey prone to drowning travellers
Drusus, Senator Erlyid 1601 Dark, saturnine, brooding, bad-tempered, cynical and a good judge of men
Drynurnil Kin 1608 Kin employed by Senator Astartes
Duceor Duceor - Northern land, gateway to the unknown lands north of Known Alair, centre of Varkar's realm
Duck & Ferret Tellare 1601 Inn in Oterto
Duergar Dwarf - The Dark Dwarves, outcast psionic dwarves of an evil and twisted nature
Duragal Trialt 1600 Member of the Karennal Renders, killed by vampires
Durandana Weapon 1601 Holy Devastator, used to slay Kaland by Velarn, taken from his body by Surya.
Durggedin the Black Dwarf 730 Dwarven mastersmith and friend of Elverandil
Dustmen Sigil - Faction within Sigil who believe everyone to be already dead. Handlers of the dead in Sigil.
Duzmakhmol Orc 1608 Acolyte of Hildraft, holder of the axes Glimstad and Brendel, true priest of Kord
Dwarf War Erean Mountains 1600 Varkar's abortive invasion of Gloiran and Kobur
Dwarves Dwarf - Dwarves of the high mountains and deep mines
Dwarvish Language - Language of the Dwarves
Dyrkor Stryre - City in the Stryran Grand Duchy of Kome, Ducal seat
Dyvka Weapon 1600 Katana long sword, half the matched set Anakha-Dyvka.