Realm carved out of western Orwin by the lizardman faithful to Shuskrah, destroyed by dragons

Dalaghendor is a new country, staked out by the lizardmen who followed the priest Sangr'm in supporting the Elves against the Dragon. Returning to the old faith of their ancestors, but not abandoning the cultural advances Varkar had brought to their people, the Dalag have established control over the northern Trakar and the western half of what was Orwin.

The town of Nasirolan was nominated as the new capital, and a remarkable cooperation evolved between lizardmen and humans. All races are welcome, except the Kin and the Priests of the Dragon who are outlawed within the borders. It was hoped that Dalaghendor would turn out the civilized jewel of north-western Alair.

The name Dalaghendor was given to the priest Sangr'm by Shuskrah himself. It is a curious word, and something of a challenge for lizardmen merely to pronounce. It is said that Shuskrah chose it purposely to remind them of the greater challenge of holding to the cutural improvements they had gained rather than falling back into the old savagery.

After the Fall of Vorsand, dragons began to strike further and further south, and in 1908 the Great Wyrm Muhrmarux came to Dalagendor, leading other lesser dragons.

Everything north of Nasirolan was destroyed, and other dragons moved into the ruins. Muhrmarux himself conquered Nasirolan and enslaved the population, reinstituting many of Varkar Barduric's practices and taxing the humans in virgin sacrifices. Bad things started coming out of the swamps of the Deep Trakar to kill and destroy along the south-western edge of what was Dalaghendor.

Somewhere deep in the Trakar, rumour persisted that Tearstone, the Sorcerers' Isle, remains a refuge, but few can claim to have seen it.

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