City in what was Orwin, chosen to be capital of the new land of Dalaghendor, conquered by dragons

Part of the community (40 %) is made up of lizardmen.
A renowned guild makes its headquarters here. (mercenaries who hire out to those traveling the deep Trakar)
Focal point of the Elf re-invasion
Glass towers unique in Alair
Ruled by a Dragon

Over the years after the founding of Dalaghendor, Nasirolan became a major trade centre and a very cosmopolitan city. The population was a mixture of Lizardman & humans living as equals - a unique arrangement. The city was home to the only temple of Shuskrah outside the Trakar.

The strange glass towers, product of an unknown race and craft, make the city unmistakable.

Nasirolan was unfortunate enough to be chosen as a target by the Great Wyrm Muhrmarux during the dragon invasion of 1908. Great swathes of the city were burned out and ruined, including Shushkrah's temple, and the Dragon has taken up residence as absolute tyrant, ruling the city with an iron claw. Many of Varkar Barduric's customs have been re-instituted, notably virgin sacrifice.

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