Hidden island in the Deep Trakar, academy and refuge for sorcerers

Founded in the 1660s by the aasimar sorceress Méabh after her retirement from adventuring, Tearstone has some things in common with the Dark Tower in Vorsand in that it is a magical academy. Things are far less structured there, though, and there is more emphasis on exploring magic and less on reading and writing books.

The island was part of the ancient Giantish empire of Fal Torth, and more recently used by shamans of the Fionath lizardman tribe to retain power over the tribe. With the lizardmen cleared out and the destruction of the Deathbreaker, the island fell into disuse until Méabh returned to claim it.

In the four hundred years since, the community has grown and blossomed and it is probably the greatest school for sorcerers left in Alair, now the ones in Thornal are gone.

Few outsiders have ever seen it, and even fewer have returned to tell of what they saw. Persistent legends insist on its' presence though.

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