Meredith class hospital ship

CRAFT ID:Meredith class hospital ship TL: 15 MCr792.842 (Medical)
HULL:2250/5625, Displacement=2500, Config=7U, Armour=40G (0), Loaded=25,448.97, Unloaded=17,385.62
POWER:27/54, Fusion-F=7,470.Mw Duration=720hrs/30 days Extended Endurance=908hrs/37 days No scoops No purifiers No EM Mask
 ExtEnd excludes: (0g)
DRIVES:Jump=1 45/90, No avionics Maneuver=1G 45/90 Agility=0
P-EMS (SubStlr) x 1
Neutrino-C (1 Mw) x 1
Sensor scans: AOS=R AOP=R POS=R POP=- PES=S PEP=F
WEAPONS:25 hardpoints; 3 occupied; batteries bearing 100 %
    Triple Laser-13 x 2 in 1 battery
    Dual Sand-10 x 1 in 1 battery
Missile magazine: HE= Total=0 missiles. 1 b/r=0 missiles
Combat Statistics:
  Laser: Turrets: 5 Bty 1
  Sand: Turrets: 3 Bty 1
CONTROL:Computer=Model 1/bis x 3, Panels=Holographic Linked x 5284 Basic Env(heat/light Basic LS (air/water) Ext LS (food/recyc) Airlock x 25 Grav plates Inertial Comp
CREW:Crew=123 Bridge=10 Engineering=6 Gunners=6 Flight=10 Maintainence=5 Command=6 Medical=64 Steward=16 High=116 Low/Frozen=24
ACCOMMODATION: Passenger SR x 116 Stateroom x 130 Low berths x 24 Std sickbay x 20 (medicomp) x 10 (theatre) x 25 (regrowth berth) x 25
SUB CRAFT: 078 Protean emergency responder x 4 10 tons Crew 2 TL 12
Launch x 1 20 tons Crew 2 TL 9
OTHER:Cargo=6828Kl/505 tons, EMLevel=Moderate Fuel=6064 Kl/449 tons, ObjSize=Large One jump requires 3375KL/250 tons of fuel Anti-hijack: Basic software x 1 Camera eye x 500 + passive InfraRed x 500 + light intensifier x 500 Schematic display bd x 1 Hatch controllers x 1 Gravity controllers x 1 Hull electrics x 1 Gas dischargers x 500

A fully equipped hospital ship with 2 large operating theatres, 2 hydrotherapy pools, an advanced bio-imaging department, a well-equipped laboratory, a chapel, a morgue, a laundry and suspended animation facilities for those past other aid. The ship carries full prosthocybernetic replacement spares and a workshop especially for their design and fitting. There is provision for 116 patients in variable-G staterooms & 24 in low berths. The ship carries 25 TL F regrowth berths. Zero-G beds provide relief for burn/fracture patients. The medical staff break down as follows: 8 surgeons, 1 anaesthetist, 1 prosthocyberneticist, 3 matrons, 30 nurses, 10 porters & 10 theatre staff. The Pinnace carries 8 removable modules, each providing full life support for a casualty.

HIGH GUARD:B7111R3-030000-50000-0
Weapons reflected are highest values.

CLASSIC TRAVELLER: Meredith class hospital ship
Using a 2500 ton hull, the Meredith class hospital ship is a Medical.
It mounts Jump Drive V, Maneuver Drive V and Power Plant V, giving a performance of Jump-1 and 1G acceleration.
Fuel tankage of 449 tons supports the power plant for 37 days and one Jump-1.
Adjacent to the bridge is a computer model/Model 1/bis.
There are 130 staterooms and 24 low berths.
The ship has 25 hardpoints and 25 tons allocated for fire control.
 Triple Laser-13 x 2
 Dual Sand-10 x 1
Ship's Vehicles:
 078 Protean emergency responder x 4 10 tons Crew 2 TL 12
 Launch x 1 20 tons Crew 2 TL 9
Cargo capacity is 505 tons.
The hull is unstreamlined.
Special Features:
The Meredith class hospital ship requires a crew of 123
Bridge=10 Engineering=6 Gunners=6 Flight=10 Maintainence=5 Command=6 Medical=64 Steward=16
The ship can carry 116 passengers and 24 low passengers.
The Meredith class hospital ship costs MCr792.842

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