Witchfire class light battleship (BL-15)

CRAFT ID:Witchfire class light battleship (BL-15) TL: 15 MCr191,485.013 (Battleship)
HULL:180000/450000, Displacement=200000, Config=4S, Armour=109G (P), Loaded=2,040,049.8, Unloaded=1,754,678.99
POWER:18000/36000, Fusion-F=4,860,000.Mw Duration=360hrs/15 days Extended Endurance=827hrs/34 days Scoops Purifiers; whole tank in 24 hours EM Mask
 ExtEnd excludes: (1g) EMMask Weapons & Screens Backup Computer Aux Bridge
DRIVES:Jump=4 9000/18000, Avionics-15 190kph Maneuver=3G 14400/28800 Agility=6
Very dense250kph/156mph188kph/117mph
Laser-Syst x 1
Maser-Syst x 1
Radio-FarO x 1
Laser-FarO x 1
Maser-FarO x 1
Radio-Plnt x 1
Laser-Plnt x 1
Maser-Plnt x 1
Meson-Syst x 1
A-EMS Jammer (FrOb) x 2
P-EMS (IntStlr) x 2
Hi-Dnst-F (1km) x 2
Neutrino-E (10 Kw) x 2
WEAPONS:2000 hardpoints; 2000 occupied; batteries bearing 65 %
    Triple Missile-13 x 560 in 50 batteries
    Triple Laser-13 x 560 in 50 batteries
    Triple Sand-10 x 250 in 25 batteries
    100-ton Particle x 20 at Factor-9
    50-ton Fusion Gun x 20 at Factor-A
    50-ton Missile x 20 at Factor-9
  Particle Spinal-T
Missile magazine: HE=163 b/r Atomic=163 b/r Total=873680 missiles. 1 b/r=2680 missiles
Combat Statistics:
  Laser: Turrets: 9 Bty 50 (32)
  Missile: Turrets: 7 Bty 50 (32) Bays: 9 Bty 20 (13)
  Sand: Turrets: 9 Bty 25 (16)
  Fusion: Bays: A Bty 20 (13)
  Particle: Bays: 9 Bty 20 (13) Spinal: T 1
Nuclear Damper F-9 x 1
Meson Screen F-9 x 1
CONTROL:Computer=Model 9 x 3, Panels=Holographic Linked x 86102 Backup computer=Model 4/fib x 3 Lge holo x 50 HUD holo x 10000 Airlock x 2000 Auxiliary bridge
CREW:Crew=912 Bridge=28 Engineering=285 Gunners=63 Screen Ops=13 Flight=220 Troops=100 Maintainence=59 Command=111 Medical=6 Steward=27
ACCOMMODATION: Stateroom x 1000 Emergency low (3) x 200 Low berths x 100 Std sickbay x 20 (extra bed) x 20 (theatre) x 2 (regrowth berth) x 20
SUB CRAFT: 50-ton craft x 60 0 tons Crew 2 TL 0
400-ton craft x 5 0 tons Crew 20 TL 0
OTHER:Cargo=56964Kl/4219 tons, EMLevel=Moderate Fuel=1549800 Kl/114800 tons, ObjSize=Large One jump requires 168750KL/12500 tons of fuel Anti-hijack: Basic software x 1 Camera eye x 140000 + passive InfraRed x 140000 + light intensifier x 140000 Schematic display bd x 280 Hatch controllers x 1 Gravity controllers x 1 Hull electrics x 280 Laser rifle x 140000

The Witchfire class is optimised for agility and speed. A huge power supply, combined with powerful computers capable of very sophisticated auto/evade operations, makes it very difficult to lock weapons on and easy to place in the proper place in a combat situation. The only complaint leveled at the design is the lack of a fibre/optic backup on the main computer.

HIGH GUARD:S443993-P99900-9AT09-0
Weapons reflected are highest values.

CLASSIC TRAVELLER: Witchfire class light battleship (BL-15)
Using a 200000 ton hull, the Witchfire class light battleship (BL-15) is a Battleship.
It mounts Jump Drive ?, Maneuver Drive ? and Power Plant ?, giving a performance of Jump-4 and 3G acceleration.
Fuel tankage of 114800 tons supports the power plant for 34 days and one Jump-4.
Adjacent to the bridge is a computer model/Model 9.
There are 1000 staterooms and 300 low berths.
The ship has 2000 hardpoints and 2000 tons allocated for fire control.
 Triple Missile-13 x 560
 Triple Laser-13 x 560
 Triple Sand-10 x 250
Ship's Vehicles:
 50-ton craft x 60 0 tons Crew 2 TL 0
 400-ton craft x 5 0 tons Crew 20 TL 0
Cargo capacity is 4219 tons.
The hull is streamlined.
Special Features:
The Witchfire class light battleship (BL-15) requires a crew of 912
Bridge=28 Engineering=285 Gunners=63 Screen Ops=13 Flight=220 Troops=100 Maintainence=59 Command=111 Medical=6 Steward=27
The ship can carry 0 passengers and 0 low passengers.
The Witchfire class light battleship (BL-15) costs MCr191,485.013

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