Amerie class deep scout

CRAFT ID:Amerie class deep scout TL: 15 MCr56.831 (Scout)
HULL:144/360, Displacement=160, Config=1A, Armour=40G (0), Loaded=1,377.35, Unloaded=972.42
POWER:2/4, Fusion-F=720.Mw Duration=700hrs/29 days Extended Endurance=703hrs/29 days Scoops Purifiers; whole tank in 12 hours No EM Mask
 ExtEnd excludes: (0g)
DRIVES:Jump=2 3/7, Spare fuel for Jump-4, Avionics-15 Maneuver=2G 7/14 Agility=0
Very dense477kph/298mph358kph/224mph
Maser-Plnt x 1
A-EMS Jammer (FrOb) x 1
P-EMS (IntStlr) x 1
Hi-Dnst-F (1km) x 1
Neutrino-E (10 Kw) x 1
WEAPONS:1 hardpoints; 1 occupied; batteries bearing 100 %
    Triple Missile-13 x 1 in 1 battery
Missile magazine: HE= Total=0 missiles. 1 b/r=3 missiles
Combat Statistics:
  Missile: Turrets: 3 Bty 1
CONTROL:Computer=Model 3/fib x 3, Panels=Holographic Linked x 165 Backup computer=Model 1/fib x 3 Lge holo x 1 HUD holo x 4 Basic Env(heat/light Basic LS (air/water) Ext LS (food/recyc) Airlock x 1 Grav plates Inertial Compensate
CREW:Crew=3 Bridge=1 Gunners=1 Flight=1
ACCOMMODATION: Stateroom x 6
SUB CRAFT: Closed air/raft x 1 4 tons Crew 1 TL 10
OTHER:Cargo=276Kl/20 tons, EMLevel=Faint Fuel=1062 Kl/78 tons, ObjSize=Average One jump requires 135KL/10 tons of fuel Anti-hijack: Basic software x 1 Camera eye x 32 + passive InfraRed x 32 + light intensifier x 32 Schematic display bd x 1 Hatch controllers x 1 Gravity controllers x 1 Hull electrics x 1

Equipped with enough spare fuel for three Jump-2, the Deep Scout can effectively travel Jump-6 routes without refuelling (although with normal misjump chances). The ship can only land on worlds with atmosphere 5 if there are 20 tons+ of fuel aboard, due to balance problems. The crew varies from 1-12; one scout may run the entire ship at need. Passengers may be carried in the empty staterooms. When the ship is detached, no armament is fitted. However, variants with anything from triple missile racks to fusion guns have been seen.

HIGH GUARD:11221C1-000000-00003-0
Weapons reflected are highest values.

CLASSIC TRAVELLER: Amerie class deep scout
Using a 160 ton hull, the Amerie class deep scout is a Scout.
It mounts Jump Drive A, Maneuver Drive A and Power Plant , giving a performance of Jump-2 and 2G acceleration.
Fuel tankage of 78 tons supports the power plant for 29 days and one Jump-2.
Adjacent to the bridge is a computer model/Model 3/fib.
There are 6 staterooms and 0 low berths.
The ship has 1 hardpoints and 1.6 tons allocated for fire control.
 Triple Missile-13 x 1
Ship's Vehicles:
 Closed air/raft x 1 4 tons Crew 1 TL 10
Cargo capacity is 20 tons.
The hull is streamlined.
Special Features:
The Amerie class deep scout requires a crew of 3
Bridge=1 Gunners=1 Flight=1
The ship can carry 0 passengers and 0 low passengers.
The Amerie class deep scout costs MCr56.831

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