Major Races

The Zhodani

Foreven (or Iakr, to give it its official Zhodani name) sector is almost exactly bisected by the rimward frontier of the Zhodani Consulate. Most of the inhabitants of the coreward subsectors of the sector are therefore racial Zhodani in all or part. The Zhodani seldom travel officially beyond their borders, but a few merchant concerns trade with the more stable of the small empires in the sector; and occasional sightseers travel into the Ramalux Confederation.

The Droyne

Archaeological evidence points to the fact that Foreven was fairly generously endowed with Ancient establishments during the Ancient Period. After the Final War, the scattered communities of surviving Droyne either died out or survived in their own way. Quite a few retained enough technology to rebuild an interstellar community; most dropped back to a simple, rural existence.

The Vargr

The Vargr were used as Ancient servants quite extensively in Foreven; after the Final War they remained sequestered on the planets where they had survived until the arrival of humans with jump drive; nowhere in Foreven did the Vargr themselves manage the invention of jump technology. Since the acquisition of starships, the Vargr race has spread throughout the sector, establishing itself on many worlds. Most of these worlds are exclusively Vargr, as mixed Vargr/human populations are seldom harmonious.

Others; Aslan, Hivers & K'Kree

There are very few Aslan in Foreven, and no worlds governeed by or exclusively populated by Aslan. A few travellers from Aslani/Beyond make their way coreward into Foreven, and several Aslan mercenary regiments operate very profitably in the less stable subsectors of Foreven. The only Hivers to be found in Foreven are a small nest established on a minor moon in the Rigel system to study the unique stars of the Orion Constellation. These keep very much to themselves. K'kree are seldom or never encountered within the borders of Foreven.

Minor Races

Mal'Gnar travellers from the Beyond into the rimward subsectors are rare, but not unknown. Occasional I'Sred*Ni incursions into Foreven have been a feature of the past three or four hundred years, but unfortunately for the I'Sred*Ni, two of the best organised and warlike states in Foreven lie between the I'Sred*Ni and the open spaces to coreward; the Aku Corporation and the Toranaga Cluster. A few covert I'Sred*Ni PNF scout units are rumoured to be feeling out the Fessor subsector, but no firm confirmation of this has been received. The Darrians are (as might be expected) on fairly good terms with the Orion Nebula, and trade and co-operation between the two are brisk. Despite this, the Darrians have refused point-blank to share their Star Trigger technology with the Orion Nebula (who, as master stellar scientists themselves, have a great interest in it); the Nebula are likewise very cagey with what they have learned from Ancient sites in the Constellation and Nebula.