A strange and rather serious young man around the same age as Ellona but with a much more driven personality. A conscript to the Imperial Army, he was tagged for Stormtrooper training, but never attended; a chance discovery during manouvres on the ruined jedi world of Ossus changed his life forever. He stumbled on a minor section of the lost jedi library.

Hiding it and taking it home, he lashed it back into working order, and began to learn about the jedi, what they stood for, and how they learned. Three years later, he managed to bootstrap himself up to a beginning level of Jedi skill, at which point he had to flee the training world.

He’s been running ever since, carrying his bag of precious oddments which are all the parts he needs to build a lightsabre of his own … except the Adegan crystals. In the absence of the sabre he craves, he uses a quarterstaff to focus his emerging jedi powers.