Tartrazine Hawks

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Wood Spine Cresting Diameter Length Fletching Fletch colours
Pine 35/40 Green, white, blue yellow, prussian borders 5/16 barrelled 26.5" 1" triangle 2 green 1 white
Nock Make Nock Colour Pile Type Pile Weight Date
Arizona Flo Green Brass bullet taper 100gr 25/11/2021

#6 split adjusting mis-aligned nocks. As close to the Falcons as possible. Final length, tip to string __71__cm; 60% balance point = __28.4__cm Average balance point __28.14__cm = __60.03__% Final weight average _378.09_gr spread __5__gr

Date Location Archer Bow Round Score Hits Golds Class
11/09/2022 Bolton Longbow Archers Hugh Purplegrip Flodden Marks 29 6 0  
01/01/2022 KSC outdoor Hugh Purplegrip Western 301 67 3  
Total arrows recorded: 180 Generated by ArcheryScores v2.01