Black Hats

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Wood Spine Cresting Diameter Length Fletching Fletch colours
PO Cedar 25/30lb Green, white, blue, yellow 5/16" 26.5 2.5" shield 2 green 1 white
Nock Make Nock Colour Pile Type Pile Weight Date
Bohning index Black Brass bullet screw 100gr 17/06/2013

Broken Blue Dragons, spliced by Dave Shackleton with offcuts, differenced with black woodstain last 1/4. Splice length and thus balance is variable. Currently #12 and #8. For indoor use.

Date Location Archer Bow Round Score Hits Golds Class
05/09/2013 KSC Indoor Hugh pre COVID Purplegrip Portsmouth 304 53 0 (Indoor Archer 1st)
15/08/2013 KSC Indoor Hugh pre COVID Revenant Portsmouth 327 59 0 (Indoor Bowman 3rd)
12/08/2013 KSC Indoor Hugh pre COVID Revenant Portsmouth 354 59 1 (Indoor Bowman 3rd)
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