Maddie Foster

Caitlin is a kind human to people in the world of Alair but is not to the orcs or monsters in her adventure. Caitlin is a countess so all the orcs and monsters want her money. She loves riding her horse called Simon. she likes her friend Yoshin who is a good sorcerer and has helped her a lot of times.

She loves her hair it is so beautiful that her long glowing gold locks charm other humans that they want to marry her but she wants to be as free as the wind and she never wants to marry she wants to be battling orcs and slaying dragons. She doesn’t want to stay at home and be bossed around by her husband. So thats why she set out on this adventure.

Her favourite weapon is her rapier and she loves looting orcs or monsters for their money.

She has a love for animals and at home she has 4 dogs and 3 guinea pigs.    

This is her secret her favourite food is strawberries.

This is the first adventure she has been on with Yoshin. She loves playing the piano - even though she doesn’t look that sort of girl - she does like music. Her favourite piano style is one native to the world of Alair called "Cloverness".

Before she  set on this adventure her mother and father were not very happy they wanted her to marry and live at there castle when they died but Caitlin wanted to go on an adventure so she went to stables one night and saddled up and road away into the distance.

The next morning she was at a camp and that’s were she met Yoshin. They became good friends and that’s when they started this adventure. Before they came Caitlin was a bit horrified at the training she didn’t want to do all that i mean she was a kind person, but after 2 years she learned what it was like to be a fighter.

Also on Caitlin's camp, she met a 7 foot tall lizardman called Krizzen he is a strong fighter and knows his weapons REALLY well. On Caitlin's first journey the party was hiding from a terrible thunderstorm; they met a dwarf named Thengorn. Now Thengorn has helped Caitlin many times and so has the rest of the party because, of there strength mind and magic Caitlin is still alive. But because of her cowerdness the party might die a horrible death. But she would rather be here than at home.

Caitlin loves archery as well and trained for 2 years. She likes field archery and indoor archery. Also she likes fencing which mostly kills skeletons

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